Rules, Regulations, Expectations & Conduct

  • No advertisement, picture, or sign of any sort shall be displayed on or outside the premises without the prior written consent of StudioKor Studio 503.

  • Studio K5 and Studio 503 has the right to remove any such unapproved items without notice and at renters' expense. 

  • Renter shall not use any method of heating or air conditioning other than that supplied by Studio Kor Studio 503.

  • Renter shall park motor vehicles in those general parking areas (marked Kennedy Building)  as designated by the manager except for loading and unloading. During those periods of loading and unloading, the renter shall not unreasonably interfere with traffic flow within the Building and Industrial Center and loading and unloading areas of other Lessees.  

  • No Soliciting any occupant of the Building or Industrial Center.

  • No person shall go on the roof.

  • Renter is responsible for the storage and removal of all trash and refuse. All renters must supply bags and dispose of their own garbage.

  • No drilling or anchoring into any concrete masonry is allowed. $200 per hole repair charge will be assessed from damage deposit per hole. 

  • This property is smoke-free in its entity. There is no smoking anywhere inside or outside the premises or adjacent areas. If there are signs of any smoke smell in the studio, there will be a fine of $200.

  • Illegal substances, explosives, loaded firearms, and combustible devices are strictly prohibited.

  • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. 

  • No Pets Allowed.

  • Renter will not allow other Photographers, Videographers, Artists, etc. to use the property and host sessions of their own. There will be no hosted workshops or collaborative sessions where others would be on the premises without prior written permission from StudioKor Studio 503.

  • No rentals may have any substances that are difficult to clean or remove, such as paint, stain, or glitter. 

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